The permanent magnet type

  • Permanent magnet type of magnet is made from the hard material capable of holding magnetism is not lost in the magnetic field. This type of magnet is used as the source of the magnetic field. There are many ways to classify permanent magnets. Here would be the second most common classifications.



Classification according magnet material:

  • Iron oxide: This is the first permanent magnets used by humans since ancient times immemorial. They are used as the “lodestone”. But today it is no longer kind of magnet used anymore due to its very poor.
  • Carbon Steel: This is a permanent magnet comes out of iron oxide, which is used from the 18th century to the mid 20th century, have the capacity for from beginner to more than 1 T, however this type of coercive force from very low so lost out to the adjective. and they are no longer used today anymore.
  • Magnets are AlNiCo magnet is made from a hard material from the alloy of substances such as aluminum, nickel, cobanva some other additives, such as copper, titanium … This type of magnet for the balance of about 1, 2 to 1.5 T however coercive force and only around 1 Koe than the market price is quite high so that current users, who increasingly tend to decrease not only to estimate the distance 10% of the market uses it.
  • Hard Ferrite Magnets from: A type of permanent magnet made from ferrite material from such hard ferrite Ba, Sr … Magnets with the advantage of easy fabrication and machining, which is cheaper but high cost high reliability. However, the difficulty here is due to the material group Ferrimagnetism have high oxygen levels should therefore have a relatively low level and the coercive force of about 3 to 6 Koe should it be possible for the maximum energy area maximum 6 MGOe. Currently this type of magnet is used quite a lot due to its above advantages.
  • Rare earth magnets: A type of permanent magnets are made from hard materials. That is the case of the compound kimhoac rare earth metals and transition metals. This second type of magnet that spread high-temperature magnets SmCo Magnets and NdFeB (neodymium). But its price is quite high and low reliability so this magnet is still not the type of magnet is used much today.
  • Magnets nanocomposite: Was born early 90s of the 20th century, this is the kind of magnets rather special structure consisting of two-phase combination of hard and soft in size from nanometers. With the ability to integrate energy giant from more than 3 times the CNAM voac lit shine ‘most powerful NdFeB magnet but this is still in the experimental stage.



Classification permanent magnet manufacturing method includes 4 categories

  • Magnets isotropic

As the permanent magnet is made by isostatic pressing method without using the magnetic method

  • Magnets anisotropic

This is the magnet is oriented in isostatic pressing process using magnetic fields. Meanwhile, the single-particle do- mains in the material will be oriented to the magnetic field, creating the ability to easily magnetized according to the orientation.

  • Sintered magnet

As the magnet is made by means of finely pulverized and mixed with epoxy glue and pressed it in the magnetic field direction.

  • Sintered Magnets

Type magnets are manufactured by sintering of metal powder is finely ground and then molding compounds of complex composition determined with magnetic properties of compounds.