Nam châm tay gạt EZ-MAG

 Lifting Magnet (EZ-MAG Series)


Advance & Function

  • This type is the most advanced conventional type of magnetic lifters with a switch lever.
  • Ergonomically designed, EZ-MAG’s on-off mechanism works by pulling and rotating the switch lever on the stabilizer track and having it self-lock at the end tip of the stabilizer by releasing the lever.
  • The secondary locking system works by turning the on-positioned switch lever inwardly for safe operation.
  • All standard EZ-MAG magnetic lifters are for flat and round loads.
  • Their capacity for flat load is higher than the SUPERMAG flat/round models without reducing the capacity for round load.

Most Advance

  • The biggest advantage of this magnetic lifter is that the operator can manage the unit with only one hand with no need to hold the safety latch with the other hand to release the lever from the safety latch.


Model DIMENSION(mm) Wgt Optimal Capacity (kg)
Width Length Height (kg) (SF 3:1)
W1 W L1 L H1 H   Flat
EZM-150 126 162 85 113 119 179 9 150
EZM-300 154 242 115 146 118 178 15 300
EZM-500 184 282 135 165 148 219 25 500
EZM-1000 263 402 135 177 199 289 50 1,000

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