Nam châm nâng tự động Moto Mag

 Lifting Magnet



  • MortoMAG expanded product line of Automag . With load function round , MortoMag the optimal products for factory and industrial buildings often have contact with the metal block with rounded surfaces . Activities are based on 100 % automatic mechanism similar to the Automag . MortoMag would be a very good option for businesses


  • This magnetic lifter has a fully automatic on-off mechanism.
  • Ring magnets are rotated by the drum gear pulled by the vertical gear powered by the gravity of the weight of the magnetic lifter and adhered load.
  • The drum gear rotates in one direction and makes the shaft rotate half way around at every other turn of the drum gear. As the location of the vertical gear does not indicate the on-off position of magnetism, it has a separate on-off indicator.
  • This magnetic lifter was developed ten years ago and has been seasoned through the years by correcting minor problems.
  • The automatic mechanism consists of four stages



Type Size Input Weight (kg) Optimal Capacity (kg) (SF 3:1)
W1 W L1 L H Eyebolts Voltage Electric Current Reputation
MTM-1200 303 423 135 250 496 M36 2P-AC220V 3A 115 1200
MTM-1800 404 468 135 251 587 M36 2P-AC220V 3A 160 1800

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